Banking & Financial Services Industry Overview

The strategic and tactical imperatives for Banks and Financial institutions remain cost control, process innovations and improved risk control. Sutherland BPO services in BFS vertical aligns to unique needs of banks by providing tailor made outsourcing and off-shoring solutions which result in streamlined processes, improved customer experience and significant cost savings.

Sutherland, with its legacy of 27 years has been at the forefront of providing customer-focused, technology-driven, integrated BPO solutions. The banking and financial services practices are characterized by:

  • Unparalleled domain expertise;
  • Seamless client integration, execution and scale;
  • Superior execution and quality control;
  • Complete focus on client security and confidentiality;
  • Big Enough, yet Small Enough

Sutherland provides its Banking and Financial Services under four distinct categories:

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Outsourcing: An Opportunity Worth Considering

Third-party agencies have provided a much-needed helping hand to banks and lenders in their efforts to collect overdue debt and recuperate their losses.